Besigheid van die week – 23 Junie 2021

Extreme makeover – The Victorian edition

Be on the lookout for the fresh new look and feel that is underway for The Victorian! Not only are we beautifying the building but considered the overall needs and preferences of the community to secure the best selection of stores for you. Petzone and Megabyte already opened their doors and ATM’s were relocated. A brand new look awaits the Pick n Pay Liquor customers while West Pack Lifestyle and Jonsson Workwear will open soon. 

We thank all our partners: Urban Studies assisted with market research, RNS with shop selection and Boogertman + Partners with the beautiful design for the new Victorian Village. Edony Developers, familiar to most people in Heidelberg, is in charge of the construction. We know that the construction process may cause some short term pain but it’s worth the long term gain!

Megabyte – For all your TECH needs
New ATM hub